Keep your website in maximum security.

As protects your site from attacks,
it also secures your peace of mind.

A cyber attack can be a company’s worst nightmare, and no company is totally immune, as these high profile companies can attest.

To keep your website as safe and secure as possible from attacks and breaches, provides the state-of-the-art protection you need, plus a fast-response recovery plan in case you are hit. So rest easy, because our server architecture expertise and knowledge of coding weaknesses mean you can trust us with your site’s critically important security needs.

How keeps you safe and secure:

  • Protecting your site from all attacks, such as:
    • Malicious bots
    • Cross site scripting
    • Brute force/rainbow/dictionary attacks
    • Distributed denial of service, and other forms of attacks
  • Lowering the chances or damage of an attack, by:
    • Assuring your website is properly and thoroughly backed up
    • Installing a firewall
    • Transferring files using the more secure SSH rather than FTP
    • Updating all of your plugins and code
    • Securing admin access on your CMS (such as WordPress) website
    • Employing SSL encryption.
    • Regular scanning of your website for blacklisting

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