Understanding Schema Markups

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There are many different elements at work in the HTML coding of your website. Schema Structured Data is a handy piece of code that boosts your SEO. Understanding and using Schema markups can instantly improve your site’s search engine optimization and make it more user-friendly. Follow our quick guide to find out how.

What is Schema?

Schema.org is the result of collaboration between the major search engines—Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex. The markups are a series of specific tags that tell search engines about the data your site contains. There are tags for everything from addresses and phone numbers to books and medical conditions.

How do I use it?

Schema exists behind the scenes on your website, but is displayed front and center by search engines.

google book schema markup

Search engines pull data from the HTML tags on a website to display more information. The title and description come from meta tags (see our guide here), but for products or businesses additional information can also be included. For the above books, the ratings and review stats, price, and category of the books are taken from Schema tags and included in the search results.

How does Schema help my business?

Faced with endless search results, internet users want to be sure they’re visiting the right page. For a business site, it makes sense to use Schema.org to organize your information so it’s available at a glance. Include your physical address, phone number, email address, opening hours, product details, and more. Chances are you state all that information on your site already, but by using defined conventions in your HTML you ensure search engines understand and properly display it upfront.

Getting started

You can browse all the tags at Schema.org here, or use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to generate the HTML code for you. By visiting the Schema site you can browse tag categories and read the descriptions to ensure you’re using the right tag for each element of your site. Google’s tool will show you a copy of your website. You simply click on the elements you want to tag and it will create the code.


Coding your website can seem daunting, but a few lines of HTML can make a massive difference to your SEO. Handy plugins and tools can generate the code for you, making updates a breeze.

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