It Isn’t Magic, It’s PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language used to add functionality to websites.

Websites aren’t just a bunch of pretty pictures and blocks of text, but moving, calculating, interactive portals.

Functions like your website search feature, login, contact forms and much more are run off PHP. I’m sure you appreciate having some (if not all) of these on your website, and if they’re not working you’re really going to notice.

PHP is also a large part of what builds WordPress sites and many ecommerce platforms, so if your WordPress site is on the fritz, there’s a good possibility there’s an error somewhere in the many lines of this coding language. Thankfully, knows all about it and can find and debug errors for you in a flash (not to be confused with Flash, the coding language, because the internet doesn’t really like that anymore…).

You deserve a better, faster website.
And so do your visitors.

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