Creating and Growing Your Mailing List

mailing list creating growing sign up formsYour mailing list is your inside track to reaching as many customers as possible. Your email list allows you to remind your readers that you’re offering important information, products, and services.

Without regular emails, your customers could very well forget about you. This is especially true for service-based customers. They need to remember that you have information to offer. Even if they don’t buy a large service from you, their web traffic and small purchases can help your business succeed.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be on your way to creating and growing a professional mailing list. If anything looks too tricky or time-consuming, remember’s friendly experts are here to get the job done.

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Tip #1: Check out your competitors

The best way to find out how to get customers to sign up for your email list is to see what your competitors are doing. Make a list of some of the businesses that you want to emulate.

What do they do to try to get customers to sign up? How do they reach out to new clients to get their emails? Go through the entire email sign-up process, and take note of the emails you receive. You might want to sign up for a separate email account for this to ensure you don’t get bombarded with emails.

Analyze what works for your competitors to find out what tactics you should be using. Do this before you start your mailing list so you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to growing and keeping subscribers.

Tip #2: Ask customers to sign up

One of the most simple and productive ways to get customers to sign up is to ask. This can feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. Yet the ask is one of the most important parts of the sale.

Add lightbox forms to your website that ask customers to subscribe to your mailing list as they are browsing your site. Or take a subtler approach by installing the sign-up link on a bar along the top of the site, or in a side column. Consider how the form will fit with the overall look of your website.

Tip #3: Offer an incentive to sign up

There are plenty of services you could offer your customers to sign up that cost you very little money. Some of the most popular services websites offer include free ebooks, coupons, or access to exclusive information like webinars or guides.

You can also use mailing list incentives to directly drive sales. Offering a discount, or informing mailing list customers first of an upcoming sale can be just as effective as giving away a product.

Tip #4: Ask your customers to share your emails

Forwarding an email is one of the easiest ways to encourage your clients to act as your brand’s ambassadors. They have the inside scoop into who will appreciate your products the most, and word-of-mouth advertising is more effective than almost any other kind.

Your clients are your most loyal fan base. If you ask them to help you in your endeavors, they’ll give you some of your most devoted email subscribers.

Tip #5: Offer different types of subscriptions

You don’t need to offer the same subscription to everyone. In fact, you never should offer just one type of subscription. Create subscription tiers that appeal to different people. For example, corporate and individual subscribers are probably looking for different information.

Send out introductory information to new subscribers only. This way your old subscribers don’t feel like they’re getting outdated or rookie info.

Tip #6: Tend your old subscribers

Check to see what subscribers haven’t opened up emails in a long time. Have a strategy to reconnect them with your brand or message. Many email services charge based on subscriber numbers, even if some of those subscribers never open their mail. Try to reach out to these customers to find out what you can do to get them engaging in your content again.

Tip #7: Make it personal

Have you ever received an email from a company addressed specifically to you? Even if you knew this email was part of a bulk email, you probably still had an emotional reaction to seeing your name on the top. Try to work your customer’s individual information into emails as much as possible. The more personal information included, the more likely your customers are to respond and interact with your company.

This can be easily achieved by pulling data from your original sign-up forms. If you aren’t sure how, ask us!

Tip #8: Cross-promote with a partner

Reach out to industry friends to see if they would be interested in a cross-promotion. Try to stick to companies that have a similar reach to your company. If you contact a company that is much larger than yours, you might not get a response. If you reach out to a company that is much smaller than yours, you might not see any profit in the partnership.

Tip #9: Host in-person events

One type of marketing many websites forget about is in-person events. Host an event that requires attendees to sign up. Invite your attendees to bring a guest. At the event, encourage the guests to sign up for your mailing list by offering discounts and product promotions. Market your site as much as possible to show guests how valuable your services are.

Give your guests as many options as possible to sign up for your mailing list. Hand out cards so they can sign up at home. Walk around with an iPad to get guests to sign up on the spot.

Tip #10: Use scheduled email

Your email subscription list has the power to grow your business. The best part about the email subscription list is that it helps to grow your client base with less effort.

You can set up your emails to go out to new subscribers on certain days or times. That means that all customers will get your “Day 1 lesson” email the first day they sign up. Having a series of prepared emails that are automatically distributed by your mailing list host means you’ll save time writing to each subscriber personally, while still making that crucial initial contact.

Successful email marketing lists aren’t made in a day. However with high quality sign-up forms, the right campaign strategy for initial contact, and some clever automation, you can relax and reap the benefits of having a pool of potential customers waiting for you to contact them.

If you’re struggling to get started, or your mailing list strategy needs a makeover, the enthusiastic staff are waiting to give you all the help you need. Contact us today.