Understanding the Benefits of Custom Graphics

custom graphics images buttons website designWebsite owners have lots of choices about where to get their graphics. Stock images are widely available, and image editing programs have put basic graphic design tools in everyone’s hands. Some websites use default graphics or icons that come with site templates. Generic images are all over the web. These images aren’t the best choice for brands and websites that want to stand out. If your goal is to use your website to showcase your brand and make a lasting impact on your visitors, opting for quality custom graphics can make a big difference.

If you’re interested in making your website stand out with sleek, beautiful graphics that are tailor made for you, talk to us today.

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Stock graphics are generic on purpose. Stock providers offer images that appeal to a wide range of website owners, regardless of what those sites are about. There’s a huge range of stock out there, from photos to illustrations to social media icons. However none are tailored to your site, your layout, your color scheme, or your message. Most of it, in fact, is designed to look “just okay” on virtually any site. The same goes for the prepackaged graphics and icons that accompany many websites built from templates.

Unfortunately, generic graphics can negatively affect the way that visitors view a brand. At worst, they make it seem like you put little effort into the website. They can even make the brand appear less unique and competent. At best, they communicate no message at all—they simply disappear into the background.

The good news is that custom graphics, designed especially for your brand, can take your site from “just okay” to incredible and memorable.

Here are some important benefits that custom images can offer for your site.

#1: A seamless fit with your site’s design

Custom graphics help you to achieve a seamless design that lets visitors fully experience your brand. Graphics, icons, and images can be matched to your site’s colors and design elements perfectly.

A cohesive design supports your company image. A custom-designed logo, for example, coordinated with social media icons, makes for a streamlined, on-brand design. However, finding the right qualified graphic designer to match your site’s design can be time-consuming. TechTe.am can add custom graphics to your site and take care of all the details so you don’t have to.

#2: Custom graphics do exactly what you want them to do

Graphics created for your website will communicate exactly the right message. Rather than looking for something “mostly right” among thousands of stock images, you can turn to custom images to deliver just what you’re looking for.

A custom design can also integrate personality unique to your business. A personality-infused graphic will always resonate with customers more than a generic stock picture.

#3: Avoid a dated look for your site

Custom imagery is a great choice when you finally make the decision to upgrade the graphics on your website. Trends can change, making the most popular styles from five years ago seem dated or overused. Stock images are especially vulnerable to aging poorly.

A graphic designer creating custom content for your site can provide more up-to-date style choices. Custom-made graphics can look modern without being enslaved to trends, since they represent you and your business, not the latest stock photo fad. This makes them a good long-term investment for your website.

#4: Unique, like your brand

Not only do stock images have recognizable styles that alert visitors that they’re viewing stock, but many websites can use the same images. Some popular pieces of stock imagery appear on tens of thousands of sites. The same is applies to the default graphics and icons that come prepackaged with some websites.

In other words, the stock graphics on your site may also be moonlighting on hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites!

Custom images, on the other hand, build brand confidence. Websites with custom images tend to have their own style, unique to the company or organization. The message of authenticity communicated to your customers is invaluable.

If you prefer to let someone else handle the graphics for your site, TechTe.am is ready to assist you. We make custom graphics easy and cost-effective. Choose a plan that fits your needs today.