Backing Up Your WordPress Site

backing up back up wordpress website backup

WordPress is by far the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) today. Its simple interface makes it a popular tool for anyone who wants an online presence but doesn’t want to spend a fortune creating a custom website. As more and more complex sites are built with WordPress, it’s vital to know how to backup your data.

If you have a small or static site, you might not worry about backing up. However, while you might not lose a lot of content, it can still be devastating if your server crashes or you get hacked and can’t recover your files and databases.

Whether your WordPress site is brand new or has been established for years, you can’t afford to have all that information vanish. Having reliable backups is important. Let the professionals at help get your safety net setup right the first time.

Plans & Pricing

Here are our top reasons why your site should have a backup plan in place.

Reason #1: Recover your website if you get hacked

As a site owner you might think your hosting provider has your files secured. While it is the host’s responsibility to ensure data integrity, some unavoidable eventualities might leave you in a tight spot.

You can accidentally delete files, drop a database by mistake, or have your hosting account terminated. All of these scenarios will leave you lost unless you have a backup.

Reason #2: As a fallback plan in case of malware

Regular malware scans can identify corrupted or suspicious files on your hosting account. However with hackers getting more clever by the day, there’s always a risk of falling victim to a scam your protection can’t identify.

If you have a regular backup schedule, you can rollback your website to before the infection occurred. This is often easier than manually going through your entire hosting account file by file to identify and remove the malware.

Reason #3: A fast and reliable way to recover your database

Your database is the heart and soul of your WordPress website. Even if you aren’t using WordPress, chances are if you have a site with members or a web store you use databases. A single database can easily grow huge if you are running a busy website. Any data corruption or compromised tables could wreak havoc on your site, or even cost you money.

Restoring your data without a database is practically impossible. You would have to recreate everything from scratch. A simple backup creates an SQL dump that is all you will ever need in case your database or data gets corrupted.

Reason #4: Reduce downtime when recovering your site

Downtime can be crippling. First, visitors will get frustrated with those 500 or 404 errors. This means lost credibility and perhaps sales as well. If your compromised website stays offline for too long, either in totality or partially, search engines will begin de-indexing your URLs so you will no longer be visible on search engines. This means little or no organic traffic at all.

If you have a backup and by your side, you can have your website up and running within a couple of hours no matter how fatal the crash or compromise might have been. Shorter downtime means fewer frustrated visitors and no loss of organic rankings.

Reason #5: Archive your online presence

It’s natural to lose some pages, information, and website-related data over time as you edit or change your site. While this is natural evolution, what happens if you want to look at what information you had on your website a year or two ago, perhaps for legal or optimization reasons.

A backup will let you set up a staging website and access historic data. Don’t trust your history with an online web archiver. Take charge of your data and keep it safe as long as you can. Especially if your website shares or collects sensitive information that might be needed at some point in the future.

Backing up and restoring your WordPress installation can be a complex process. Even though there are lots of plugins available, using them correctly isn’t always easy. You will need some technical skills to create segmented backups and update or recover a website efficiently.

At, our highly skilled web developers understand WordPress and are experts in dealing with delicate backups and restorations. You can count on us to choose the best backup option for your site, configure it, and use your backups to perform a fast and strategic recovery if necessary. Choose a plan and get started today.