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protecting your site spam malware hacker protection

Whether you need a security audit on an existing website, or want to make sure your new domain is as safe as possible before going live, talk to us about the best ways to protect your site from spam and malware.

Mailing List Setup

Keep your customers informed and on hand with a dedicated mailing list. We can get you started and take the hassle out of setting up sign-up forms and lightboxes.

Creative Kickstart

From updating your layout or color scheme to installing target orientated themes, installing plugins or custom images, or cleaning up your code, let us give your site a complete makeover!

Responsive Design

Make sure your site is ready to handle mobile traffic with a thorough responsiveness audit. We can tweak your code or upgrade your theme to ensure your site functions perfectly across all devices.

reduce wordpress site loading times server response slow
Speed Up Server Response Time

Plenty of things can slow down site response times, from clunky code to outdated plugins. If your page leaves your visitors waiting, talk to us about all the things we can do to help.

Rapid Troubleshooting

However careful you are about your site’s security and updates, things can still go wrong. The moment they do, contact us and we’ll put our troubleshooting experts to work to get your site up and running again.

Social Media Integration

When you publish a new post or make an update, you and your visitors want to be able to share the page as easily as possible. Integrating social media buttons on your site makes social sharing quick and simple.

protecting site spam malware hacker protection
Hacker Protection

Whether you see it or not, your site is always under attack. Let us check and manage your security to lock down common weaknesses and make your information as secure as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

Get SEO right and you’ll never have to advertise your website. We can help you improve your site’s ranking and install plugins and tools to keep you on track.



Open an e-store and start selling online to bring in some extra cash or get your business off the ground. From building a commerce-focused site to installing checkout and payment functionality, we’re here to help.


Cover your running costs, or even turn a profit with AdSense, sponsored posts, donation links, and more. However you want to monetize your site, we can help you get started.

Install Favicons

The small icon next to your URL in the address bar might not seem important, but it helps reinforce your site’s identity and helps build your brand. Let us install one on your site today.


Backing up your site might be tedious, but it’s vital to keeping your site and data secure. Let us configure automatic backups and take the worry out of performing routine maintenance.


A subdomain can make your site faster and more efficient by separating traffic streams to your primary domain. Speak to us today about creating subdomains for blogs, stores, forums, and more.