Link Building Tips that Work for 2018

Incoming links are one of the best sources of organic traffic for your website. Follow’s guide to boost your traffic with link building tips that really work, and boost your website through the new year and beyond.

Why do links matter?

Hunting for links might seem like a waste of time. If a site or post is good, it should generate its own incoming links. And while this is true, the more quality backlinks your site has, the higher it performs in search engine results. A recent study by found backlinks could be the deciding factor in which sites perform best.

Links = SEO

Your site’s backlinks are just as important as any other SEO tool. That doesn’t mean all backlinks are created equal. Just as search engines can spot keyword stuffing, they also distinguish between quality backlinks and the results of organic link building. Most small website owners are plagued by spam comments with backlinks. Adding a link to your site in forums and comment sections won’t boost your SEO, and will get you banned from those platforms. The best backlinks come from diverse sources, and domains with authority.

What is domain authority?

The more popular a domain, the more authority it has, and the more valuable a backlink from it becomes. Therefore if two sites have the same number of backlinks, one from websites such as,, and, and another from,, and, the first site will appear higher in search results.

So what you’re looking for on your link building wishlist are lots of organic links from high-authority domains. Here’s how to get them.

Guest posts

This might seem like old news, but guests posts still work. Plenty of sites allow contributors, so stop post-swapping with small sites and reach out to the industry movers. HuffPo, Buzzfeed, SEMrush, HubSpot, and many more are always open to pitches. Find the big magazine sites in your field and approach them with ideas for contributions. Most have permanent open calls for content so it’s a simple case of filling out a form.

Mention influencers

Bill Gates probably isn’t going to notice if you drop his name on your website, but search engines will. Even better, if you mention mid-level influencers (the ones with large followings who still read their Google Alerts) they might even share your post. Roundup posts offering “10 Insider Tips from the 10 Best Tech Gurus” are veritable backlink minds—infinitely sharable, and packed with SEO-friendly content.

Give testimonials and write reviews

Brands love testimonials and reviews. Be on the lookout for new products within your industry and sign up to trial and review. Or publish reviews on your site. Review any tools you use in your field, be they cameras, gardening tools, grammar plugins, or VOIP conferencing services. A good review doesn’t offer effusive praise—unless you really love the product—but gives a fair assessment of the pros and cons. Quality reviews are sought after both by potential consumers, and by brands, making for great link building content.

Turn mentions into backlinks

Maybe you’ve got a product people are reviewing, or opinions others want to share. Set up Google Alerts to notify you when you/your product are mentioned online, and check if the poster linked to your site. If they didn’t, a quick email can turn that mention into a valuable backlink.

Prospect for broken links

Nobody likes broken links, but they’re inevitable if a site regularly links to external content. If there’s a large magazine site in your industry that’s been online for a while, it’s worth checking older posts to see if they have any dead links where you have similar content. Using a Chrome extension such as Check My Links can show you at a glance if a site has any dead links. Then send the site owner an email with a link to their broken link and providing a link of yours that gives comparable information.

Make infographs

Visual content is king. Infographs are great for displaying information in a visual, memorable way, and stats show infographs are liked and shared up to three times as often as other media. Venngage is a great service for making professional infographs, or find a graphic artist on Fiverr to create them for you. Look at your best performing posts and consider how to repurpose the content to create useful, sharable infographs.

Recover dead backlinks

When you do get backlinks, don’t lose them. Scan your site for broken incoming links and set up redirects on those pages to ensure all your incoming links are live.


Link building takes time to do properly. While following these tips will help you increase your number of organic, quality links, you won’t get thousands overnight. Resist the temptation to buy backlinks. Most come from link farms and at best will be worthless—remember, domain authority of incoming links counts just as much as the total number of links. At worst, your site could be penalized by search engines that recognise the links are an attempt to spam SEO.

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