Learning From Lost Sales

There’s nothing more frustrating than lost sales. With our quick guide, learn how to spot them, and how to improve your website so they stop happening.

Tracking customer activity

The first step is to identify when lost sales happen. Google offers some great free tools that can help. Their Analytics tools track customer activity on your website. All you need to do is insert a tracking code into your website and that will capture visitor data. As well as seeing how many visitors you get and how long they stay on your site, you can follow how they interact with the site. This is valuable information for helping you see where you’re losing sales.

Behavior flow

Look at your visitors’ behavior flow to see how they interact with your site. Do you have a high bounce rate on your homepage? Do lots of people quit at checkout? Does one product page get more incoming hits than all the rest? By learning how people find your site, what they do on it, and when and where they exit, you can spot roadblocks preventing successful sales. If you lose half your sales at checkout, consider why. Maybe there were hidden shipping costs that only become apparent at that point. Maybe you don’t offer enough payment options. Something about your site on that page makes customers change their minds about purchasing. Find out where you lose them by looking at the behavior flow and reconsider how you present that page.

Buyer persona

You should know who your ideal customer is. Whether that’s a middle-aged, professional man, or a young, stay-at-home mom, your website has to appeal to them. You could offer the perfect product but if your site doesn’t speak to them, you’ll lose sales. High bounce rates on landing pages suggest something about your site put visitors off. Maybe it’s too difficult to navigate, or maybe the red-and-black theme colors don’t match customers’ expectations for a site selling baby products. Look at your site through your customers’ eyes, and ask yourself if what they see is what they’d expect. If not, that’s probably why so many are bouncing away.

Follow the sales process

Every site has a sales funnel, from landing to checkout. How complicated is yours? Look at visitor behavior and see how far long that process buyers get before you lose them. Lost sales could come about because buyers have to navigate too many pages in order to complete a purchase. From homepage to product page, how many steps are involved? And from adding a product to a shopping cart, how many steps until successful checkout? Less is more. You want to streamline your site to make sales as easy as clicking a button.


Simple changes can make a big difference to how many of your visitors become buyers. Design your site to appeal to your target audience, streamline your sales process, and analyze visitor data to see when lost sales happen in order to prevent them in the future.

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