5 Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins for 2017

By June 2, 2017Website Building

anti-spam spam malwareEvery website owner has difficulties with spam. Whether you’re running a personal blog or a the business site of a multinational conglomerate, anywhere you’re opening your site for comments or contact, you risk being inundated with spam. In order to prevent your website from being swamped, chances are you’re already using anti-spam software. However not all plugins are created the same. Over-aggressive anti-spam efforts can put off your visitors from contacting you. Here’s our pick of the best at both protecting your site, and keeping your visitors happy.


A firm favorite, developed by the creators of WordPress. Akismet is free for personal blogs, and competitively priced for businesses. It monitors comments and automatically filters out any it thinks are spam for manual review. It also displays URLs in the body of comments, to reveal any misleading or hidden links.


A great anti-spam shield, especially when you’re plagued by bots. WP-SpamShield works without CAPTCHA, so your visitors won’t be annoyed jumping through hoops to leave comments or fill in forms. It supports host of other plugins, including WooCommerce and MailChimp.

WordPress Zero Spam

Another anti-CAPTCHA plugin that works seamlessly in the background of your website to eliminate spam from comments and block spammy IPs. Downsides are it runs on Javascript and doesn’t work with Jetpack comments. It deletes comments it determines are spam rather than putting them in moderation. This can result in the loss of genuine comments.

Spam Protection by CleanTalk

A powerful cloud-based anti-spam firewall with no CAPTCHAs or puzzles to annoy your visitors. Compatible with tons of WordPress plugins, including Jetpack, WooCommerce, and MailChimp. Comes with the ability to block comments by country, by “stop word,” and allows you to add individual IPs to a personal blacklist.

Antispam Bee

Finally, a free anti-spam plugin that’s great for handling comment spam. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the competition, but it’s ad-free and comes with a host of useful features to handle basic spam on most sites.

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