10 WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using 2017

By May 26, 2017Website Building

There’s a reason WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system. It’s price, powerful dashboard, and intuitive layout make it a favorite of novices and pros alike. One of its best features is its extensive library of plugins. Other platforms might require coding knowledge, but WordPress acts as a framework, meaning you can install plugins coded by others to create a powerful and professional site without having to know a thing about scripting.

Plugins, however, do have some disadvantages. Install too many and you’ll slow your site down and use more bandwidth delivering it—which can cost you money if you exceed your hosting allowance. And not all plugins are created equal. Because anyone can make one, they’re only as good as the person who coded them. Here’s our pick of the best plugins available right now.


This one might seem obvious. Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin that’s well worth installing. Jetpack provides powerful extra features like traffic stats, comments, security, appearance, and more. It also monitors your site’s downtime and can alert you instantly if it goes offline.


Akismet is a fremium anti-spam plugin designed by the people behind WordPress, and installed as standard on personal blogs. For a monthly fee it’s available to commercial WordPress.org sites. Small sites can be plagued by spammy comments, but plugins like Akismet can solve that problem.


If you’re running a site with an active community of commenters, you’ll need a comments plugin that can keep up. Disqus is a powerful commenting software that integrates with social media and has automatic anti-spam guards powered by Akismet.

Social Icons

Social sharing is key to any website, but how do you make those buttons stand out? With this handy plugin you can tailor all your sharing icons to match your site and distinguish it from the competition. Choose between 16 designs and decide to animate, float, sticky, and count your buttons, and more.


Another great plugin if your site is running slowly. WP-Optimize works in the background to clean up your database, deleting old and unnecessary data in order to speed your site up.

W3 Total Cache

An easy way to speed up your website is to optimize your caching. With over a million active installs, this is one of the most popular cache plugins on WordPress. What W3 Total Cache does is create a “cached” version of your page—like a snapshot—that’s displayed directly to the user while the real page is still loading. From the user end all they see is your site loads super fast, which can dramatically reduce your bounce rate.

Yoast SEO

A great plugin for helping you get ahead of understanding search engine optimization. Yoast SEO analyzes your posts and rates them based on the clarity of writing and how tailored they are to your target keyword. Particularly if you don’t understand how SEO works, this plugin is a great way to learn.

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

Ever seen a search engine result with reviews or an image in the summary under the link? That’s what this plugin does. Make your site stand out and boost your click through rate with this simple to use free plugin.


If you’ve got a mailing list, you want OptinMonster to increase your sign up rate. Fully integrated with a variety of email marketing providers, including MailChimp and AWeber, as well as any HTML website or e-commerce platform, OptinMonster lets you tailor your targeting, creates beautiful forms, and even lets you A/B test performance.


The premier e-commerce application for small and medium sized businesses, WooCommerce powers millions of websites and abut 30% of all e-stores. This plugin comes with flexible tiers so you can tailor an online store that’s perfect for you.


Whatever your WordPress needs, there’s probably a plugin that can do it. From boosting your social presence and improving SEO to enhancing site speed and increasing security. If your site isn’t performing how you want but you don’t know how to fix it, TechTe.am can help. Choose a plan today and let our friendly experts help determine what plugins will work best for you.

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