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May 2017

10 WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using 2017

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There’s a reason WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system. It’s price, powerful dashboard, and intuitive layout make it a favorite of novices and pros alike. One of its best features is its extensive library of plugins. Other platforms might require coding knowledge, but WordPress acts as a framework, meaning you can install plugins coded by others to create a powerful and professional site without having to know a thing about scripting. Read More

Website Owner’s Complete Guide to Hotlinking

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hotlinking hot link hotlink imageHotlinking is a way of displaying images on your website without hosting them on your server. Using simple HTML you can code your site to display images hosted elsewhere. There are a number of benefits to hotlinking, but also considerable drawbacks. Our quick guide will explain everything you need to know about what hotlinking is, when to do it, and why it can be a bad idea.

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