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April 2017

How to Find and Fix 404 Errors

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404 errors not found webpage computerEveryone online has encountered 404 errors at some point in their browsing history. Simply put, a 404 error is the message you see when you try to go to a page that doesn’t exist on a particular domain. You can what your site’s 404 error page looks like easily, by making up a page on your domain, for example Because there’s no “error” page on, it displays a 404 Not Found message. Read More

Using Fine Print — Why Your Site Needs Terms and Error Messages

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fine print terms conditions legalese error messagesEverybody hates contract-speak. From a web perspective, it’s even worse. The dense language is a readability and SEO nightmare, and pages of text don’t look particularly attractive. Nonetheless these “fine print” pages are hugely important to the security and usability of your site. If you’re not using them, you could be harming your site’s reputation, or even leaving yourself open to legal trouble.

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Branding Basics: Uniformity

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uniformity pattern squares rainbow uniformOne of the major factors that gets overlooked when running a website is uniformity. When you set up a site you’ll choose a theme, pick colors and styles, and set a layout. Beyond that, particularly if you run a blog, what thought have you given to what headings and subheadings you use, and when? What size are the images on your posts? Is your text justified or ragged right? Taking the time to focus on small elements to create uniformity makes your site instantly look more professional and polished, and goes a long way towards building your brand.

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