Branding Basics: Custom Images

By March 24, 2017Building Your Brand

custom images artwork design web devVisual appeal matters more than ever when it comes to web design. Bright, bold colors and clear, legible fonts are a must. You can spend a fortune, or many hours, or both on creating a beautiful website. Don’t let it be let down by poor choice of images and graphics. Custom images ensure your site’s branding is perfectly executed at every step.

Stock photography

Stock photos are an important tool for any web designer. If you’re writing a regular blog, they’ll be invaluable. Using images on your posts breaks up the monotony of large blocks of text. It also makes shortcuts look much more appealing when they’re shared on social media. If you don’t have a photographer or designer on hand to create custom images for you every time you want to write a post, stock photos are really useful.

The problem with stock photography is that everyone else finds it really useful, too. You can spend hours looking for the perfect image, only to find every other site in your field has used it already. Particularly if your site is in a niche market, the same stock images can become all too familiar to your visitors. Alternatively, using stock photos that aren’t quite right but “good enough” also speaks volumes about your site, and the attention you put into presenting it. Savvy web users can spot bad stock photography a mile away, and it’s always a turn-off. Custom images let you avoid this pitfall, and they don’t have to be as complicated as you think. A good graphic designer can take a stock photo and transform it into something unrecognisable that’s custom-made to be perfect for your website.


Link buttons are another area where being different will really make your site stand out from the crowd. Thumbnail images of social media logos are common on websites, but internal links often fall flat in comparison. Think how much more powerful a cute custom image would look as a link to your homepage or shop. It’s a small touch, but one that makes your site truly memorable.


When you’re designing your site, your brand should be paramount. There are numerous ways to integrate your company logo into your site’s design with the creative use of custom images. Most brands today have several variations on their logo, from their full name to an illuminated capital, and often a small icon such as the Twitter bird or Google’s circular logo. By creating multiple variations on your logo, you can incorporate it multiple times into your site.


There are other graphics on your site that site owners usually overlook. Breaks between sections of text or around pictures are prime spaces you can use to make your site pop or further reinforce your branding with the right use of clever custom images.


Custom images might be a little pricier than your average stock photo, but if you want to invest in your website, they’re the best place to start. The right custom images can reinforce your brand, make your site memorable, and improve overall user experience.

If you’re at a loss how to go about finding a graphic designer or installing custom images, look no further. Pick a plan that suits you and’s experts will get started today.

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