Month: March 2017

Branding Basics: Finding Your Voice

When you start writing website copy, be it for a single page or an ongoing blog, a major consideration that often gets ignored is your voice. Do you write in first person (I), second person (you), or third person (he)? How formal or informal is your...


Branding Basics: Custom Images

Visual appeal matters more than ever when it comes to web design. Bright, bold colors and clear, legible fonts are a must. You can spend a fortune, or many hours, or both on creating a beautiful website. Don't let it be let down by poor choice...


Branding Basics: Layout and Color Scheme

Your website is your business's presence online. It might be your company's only presence. It has to positively reflect your corporate image. Gone are the days when customers would forgive a clunky or unattractive website. Your site has to be as professional as an office, and...


Branding Basics: Logos

Symbolism has never been more important. With the rise of mobile browsing and reduction in screen size, more and more companies are relying on their logos instead of their names. Twitter is that little blue bird. Facebook is a stylized "F." Amazon a lowercase "a" with a curved...


Branding Basics: Choosing an URL

Choosing an URL is probably the single most significant decision you'll make in your online business life. You can tweak, change, and alter anything else—the template, the color scheme, the content—as your business grows. Your URL is your name and address online. It's what will make...


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