Five Useful Tools to Help You Write a Great Blog Post

By February 24, 2017Tools and Tips

write a great blog post mouse mousepad computerWhatever you need doing, there’s usually an app for it. When you need to write a great blog post, look no further than these online tools and plugins to help you create beautiful posts that have mass appeal.

Hemingway App

Named for the author who’s simple, direct prose caused a scandal on first publication, Hemingway App is a tool primarily marketed towards authors. Simply copy and paste your text to have it automatically “marked” by the app for readability, sentence structure, and “bad” writing such as overuse of adverbs or passive voice. It will also show you the approximate grade level of your writing. Aim for about grade 7 or 8, as this is the level at which an average American adult reads.


Grammarly is a Chrome plugin that checks the spelling and grammar of your text as you type. You’ll get real-time corrections in the form of shaded underlines. Hover over them to see the suggested improvement. Grammarly’s a great tool if you’re writing in Chrome. It also has a documents section where you can upload larger or offline texts for correction.

If you struggle with punctuation and grammar, this is a great tool to help you write a great blog post.

Yoast SEO

If you run a WordPress-based site, either on or, there are hundreds of plugins that can do the work of Hemingway App for you without having to go to another website and copy/paste your text. Yoast SEO is a great all-round tool that incorporates a basic readability tool. Posts are marked red/orange/green depending on overall readability, with more details being shown in a summary at the bottom.

Portent Idea Generator

Coming up with new ideas can be the hardest part of maintaining a blog. If you’re struggling for inspiration, try Portent’s Content Idea Generator. Plug in your subject and it’ll make suggestions.

Alternatively, if you have no problem writing the post but struggle giving it a zippy name, tell it what the post was about and scroll through until you find one that fits.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot offers a similar tool: give it three nouns and it’ll produce a week’s worth of post titles. Not all of them will be winners, but you’re sure to get a few good ideas to help you write a great blog post.


If writing isn’t your thing, you can still create great blog posts using these simple tools to improve your spelling, grammar, and structure. Let’s experts help. Pick a plan and start today.

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