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By February 3, 2017Tools and Tips

twitter tweetdeck social mediaTwitter’s popularity makes it a great place for companies to grow their audience. Its fast pace and character limits can seem daunting, but there are tools to help you succeed. One of the best is Twitter’s own: TweetDeck.

What is TweetDeck?

TweetDeck began life as a social media automation tool like Hootsuite, until it was acquired by Twitter. It now exists as a dedicated Twitter management tool. Twitter discountinued the app and desktop version in 2016, leaving TweetDeck as a fully Twitter-integrated, web-based application.
TweetDeck is completely free. Simply log in with your Twitter account and get started.

Why is it better than Twitter?

If you only have one Twitter account, you might not need any kind of tool to stay in controlHowever if you’re juggling multiple accounts, or don’t have the time to spend tweeting, TweetDeck could be perfect for you.
TweetDeck is set up to show you four columns: Home, Notifications, Messages, and Activity. Here you’ll see your newsfeed, with live scrolling updates. You can turn this off in the settings if it’s moving too fast. You have the same options to like, retweet, and reply that you get in the Twitter app or website. Clicking the “more” icon gives you extra options, such as following, unfollowing, muting, or DMing the tweeter.
The Activity column is useful because it isn’t something you can easily find on Twitter itself. There you will see what the people you follow have liked and who they follow. If you’re trying to grow your brand, following a few movers and shakers in your industry is a great way to find new influencers.

Personalizing your TweetDeck

To get the most from TweetDeck, you’ll want to tailor what it shows you. Maybe you’ve got messages turned off so that column’s useless. Maybe you’re just starting out and the Activity column is empty. Clicking Add Column on the right brings up more than a dozen options to choose from.

You can add as many or as few columns as you like, although less are easier to manage. Clicking on any option will give you a preview of that column’s contents, so you can decide if it’s showing anything useful.
Once you’ve decided on your columns, you can tweak them by muting or highlighting individual users. You can also filter tweets to include or omit them based on content.

Scheduling tweets

One of the biggest advantages to using a social media tool is automation. Even if you’re a regular tweeter, having the ability to queue a steady stream of content is useful. With TweetDeck, scheduling tweets is simple. Just select the option when you compose a new tweet, and choose your time and date. You don’t have to be online for it to post because TweetDeck is web-based.

Managing multiple accounts

TweetDeck is great for simple automation and breaking up your Twitter feed. Where it really comes into its own, however, is when you’re managing multiple accounts.
Switching manually between accounts can be irritating, but tweeting from the wrong account can be a disaster. With TweetDeck, you can access an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously. Simply select “Add another account” from the Accounts options on the left.

If you’re using more than one account with TweetDeck, you’ll choose one account to be the default. This is the account all new tweets and activity is sent from by default. Switching between accounts is simple, just pick the one you want. You can send the same tweet from multiple accounts simultaneously.
You can also cross-like and retweet from different accounts, and follow other users from multiple accounts at once.

Alerts and notifications

Monitoring industry hashtags can be a great way to check what’s going on in your field. Using TweetDeck, you can easily set up alerts to notify you of any activity by filtering the options in a column’s contents.


Compared to other, all-round social media management tools,TweetDeck does have some drawbacks. To understand the updates you have to watch live, and its functionality is limited to Twitter. However it’s a great way of streamlining your timeline and getting more from an active Twitter account. Providing the ability to schedule tweets alone makes it invaluable to most business users.

If you’re not sure how to start, pick a plan and let’s friendly experts help.

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