Starter Guide to Facebook Page Automation

By January 27, 2017Building Your Brand

facebook page automation business logoLast week we discussed automating social media profiles using a variety of third-party services. However you don’t always need to use an external app or site to schedule posts. Facebook page automation makes it easy to run a business presence on social media.

Facebook Pages

To take advantage of Facebook page automation tools, you need to open a business page, rather than a standard user profile. The option is in the drop-down menu on the top right of the newsfeed, or click here.

Simply select your business, fill in the details, and start exploring your new page.

Scheduling posts

The first tool Facebook gives you is the option to schedule posts. This can be done by writing a post on your page’s wall the same as you would for a profile page update, then selecting “schedule” from the drop-down options.

Alternatively, click on the Publishing Tools banner along the top of the page, and select Scheduled Posts from the list on the left.

Other post tools

From the Publishing Tools banner you can do much more than schedule posts. In the Published Posts section you can see all your page activity, as well as the views and clicks/comments each post got. And Facebook offers another useful trick: expiring posts.

Expiring posts are simply regular posts—text, photos, video—that disappear at a set time and date. Perfect for if you’re running a limited-time sale or competition and you don’t want customers to see the details too late and become annoyed they missed out.


Facebook also shares demographic information and activity insights with page owners.

From the Insights banner you’ll first be show an activity summary of page views, likes, actions, reach, and engagement. It’s automatically set to compare the last week. You can change the date ranges to show earlier data going back through the past year.

Click on the overviews and Facebook will show you activity reports for individual posts or days so you can understand what’s working on your page and what isn’t. Even more useful than that, though, are the demographics Facebook gives you for your fans.


If you aren’t sure who your target audience is, look no further than your demographic data. Facebook will show you the gender, age, and location (to nearest city) of your page’s fans. This is also useful to know to ensure you’re hitting your target audience: there’s no point spending a fortune advertising your ads aren’t hitting their mark. Alternatively, you should consider rebranding; perhaps you’ve overlooked a segment of the market where you could perform better.


Facebook page automation makes the platform, already popular with many businesses, even more invaluable by providing vital automation tools and insights to help you maximise your audience and boost your business’s social media presence.

If you’re not sure how to start, pick a plan and let’s friendly experts help.

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