giving thanks thank you business call again signIt might seem obvious, but a simple “thank you” goes a long way. Not just when it’s expected, like following a purchase, but at any point in the year. There’s more to customer service than simply collecting email addresses and social media followers. Consider giving thanks to let each customer know you value them and keep them loyal to your brand for life.

What’s the point?

It might seem redundant, taking extra time giving thanks to people who have already heard and responded to your business’s message, but retaining customers is just as vital as making new ones, and you don’t have to look beyond the Twitter and Facebook pages of global brands such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks to see evidence of this marketing technique in practice.

Engaging with your audience yields more benefits than retaining existing customers, however. No marketing is more valuable than word of mouth: personal recommendations from friend to friend outweigh any other form of advertising, and a great way to get your audience not only engaging with you, but telling their friends about your brand, is to interact with them and make them feel valued.

I can’t afford constant giveaways

While getting something for nothing will always appeal to potential customers, you don’t have to keep handing out freebies to keep them loyal. Staying on top of social media mentions is a good place to start. Like posts, reshare pictures of your product in action (with permission, of course!), and respond to comments, queries, and complaints promptly. Don’t be afraid of giving your brand a personality; your customers want to know they’re speaking to a person, not a robot, and even a negative experience can be turned around with the right approach.

Be festive

During the holiday season in particular, people are receptive to friendly messages. Sharing a celebration is a great place to start cultivating a friendly, family atmosphere among your fans. Be inclusive, and consider taking a break from explicitly promoting your product. Your audience will be less cynical if you separate marketing from good wishes. Keep the momentum going throughout the year by marking other holidays, and generate your own celebrations. For instance share major milestones in your business with the people who helped you to achieve them.


Positive customer interactions are critical to growing your brand, and some of the best cost nothing but a little time and attention. Giving thanks, sharing celebrations, and acknowledging the people at the heart of your business’s success will keep them loyal for years to come.

If you’re not sure how to start, pick a plan and let’s friendly experts help.

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