Encouraging Customers to Join Your Mailing List

By November 18, 2016Building Your Brand

join your mailing list mail button computerOne of the hardest things to do online is get your customers to interact with you. A passive sign-up form might get a few subscribers to join your mailing list, but in order to grow that list and properly reap the benefits, you need to actively engage your audience.

Offer incentives

Engaged customers are a win for any business, and having a dedicated pool of interested subscribers can provide a big boost. In order to maximize those numbers, consider offering an incentive to get people to join your mailing list. Food blogs might offer free monthly recipes, or a short cookbook of family favorites. A dog-walking service might produce a guide to exercising with your pet. Most small business owners can produce a short, industry-specific pamphlet they can give away free as an incentive for joining a mailing list. If you run a webstore, consider coupons or discounts. More people will subscribe if they see value in what they’ll get in return.

Don’t overdo it

It might be tempting to offer a lavish reward in return for a small action. Running a giveaway for electronics or gift cards for people who join your mailing list, for example. Elaborate promotions, where the potential prize far outweighs the value of the action taken to achieve it, will easily attract entrants. While it might be satisfying seeing new subscribers to a mailing list (or promotional tweets about your business, or hits to your website) most of the entrants will never visit your website again. Big rewards attract serial entrants, who have no interest in the company beyond the product they’re giving away.

Keep it exclusive

Mailing lists can be tricky things. Nobody actively enjoys receiving routine mail from companies. Each new mailer should provide incentive for subscribers to stay interested. Offering exclusive, mailing list-only discounts, or even just advance notification of when a wider event will be held, can be enough to keep people interested and opening your newsletter.


Reward your customers, and they’ll reward you. Consider each person you entice to join your mailing list a lead to a future sale. Even if they’ve never purchased anything from you before. Each positive experience they have with your company increases likelihood they’ll think of you first in the future.

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