Best Stock Image Sites for Your Blog or Website

By November 4, 2016Tools and Tips

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Stock image sites are the perfect solution to finding the right images for your website. However if you’re writing a regular blog, the cost of paying for a new photo each week can soon add up. But not illustrating your webpages isn’t an option. Check out these free and cheap stock image sites and solve your photo problems.

Free Stock Photos

Negative Space

All images are offered under Creative Commons (CC0) licenses. The selection is limited compared to other stock image sites, but the images are good-quality.


Offers thousands of high-quality stock images, available free under CC0 licences.


Adds 100 new photos daily.


Boasts over 780,000  free stock images in a variety of categories.


Around 400,000 free images.

Cheap Stock Photos


Owned by Getty Images, iStock offers thousands of photos, illustrations, and vectors, at a fraction of the price.


Offers over 65 million royalty-free images.


Boasts over 100 million images in its catalog, and offers a free photo and vector every week. Also the parent company of BigStock, a subscription-based service for heavy users.


Claims the title of “world’s largest stock community,” with over 16 million users.



This is not a technically stock image site, however they are offering 160 free business-themed stock images you can download and use.


Properly-licensed stock images are a lifeline to bloggers and small website owners. They provide eye-catching content, while protecting the site owner from copyright infringement claims. Many sites also offer images for free under Creative Commons licenses. If you want help finding the right images for your site, pick a plan and let’s friendly experts help.

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