Boost Your Business with Social Media: Google+

By September 30, 2016Building Your Brand

Google+google+ g+ plus logo (or Google Plus) is a comparatively small social network. Despite having more than 2.5 billion users on paper, there are probably only somewhere in the region of 35 million active users on the site. The discrepancy comes about because every Google email account is automatically given a Google+ profile. It’s estimated less than 10% of users have ever actually logged into it.

Compared with the active user numbers for Facebook and Twitter, Google+ might seem like a social wasteland, but it still provides valuable tools to business users looking to build their online brand.

How to get an account

The first step is to create a Google My Business page. This service integrates with Google+ to automatically create a profile page on both networks. Remember to make your business’s page as appealing as possible—Google claims profiles with photos receive 35% more website clicks, and 42% more requests for directions than those without.

Treat your business page as any other web presence, and make is as professional and enticing as possible. Don’t forget to double-check your details are correct, because Google My Business will integrate with Google’s search engine to direct people to your company through search engine results.

What’s the benefit?

Creating yet another social media presence might seem like too much effort. Particularly with a smaller platform that can only deliver limited results. However, Google+ offers benefits Facebook and Twitter can’t match, thanks to its relationship with the rest of the Google network.

Google weights businesses that have GMB and Google+ profiles higher than those that don’t in local search engine results. If you’re a New York-based florist, a Google profile ensures your store location, opening hours, and website will appear on the map at the top of Google search engine results. It’s a simple and effective way of reaching the top spot with relatively little effort.

What else does it do?

Google includes your business on Google Maps and search engine results, and also provides tools to help you reach your customers. Patrons can leave reviews for your business via Google. Through your Google My Business dashboard you can also see analytics, including profile views, clicks, or requests.

Online business only? You can integrate your blog to Google+ so it automatically cross-posts. Also Google search engine ranks Google+ content higher than other results, giving you a valuable SEO boost.


Google+ might not be the most active or dynamic of social networks, but its related business tools are invaluable. Especially if you’re a small business owner wanting to improve your online presence and SEO. If you’re not sure how to start, pick a plan and let’s friendly experts help.

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