Boost Your Business with Social Media: Twitter

By September 23, 2016Building Your Brand

twitter logo tweetWith 313 million active monthly users, Twitter is an enticing platform for a business of any size. Yet with interactions limited to 140 characters, understanding how the Twittersphere works is critical.

Twitter itself recently blogged on how its platform changed the face of marketing for major corporations like Coca-Cola and Disney. By following a few simple tricks and tips, you too could reinvigorate your branding and reach new consumers.

How Twitter works

The first consideration is learning how Twitter works. There’s no point taking a one-size-fits-all approach to social media, because interaction from site to site is very different. The most obvious limitation of Twitter is the character limit of tweets.

Tweets garner attention in various ways, but only likes and retweets increase a tweet’s visibility. Likes are displayed on a user’s homepage for others to browse, while retweets are shared among a user’s followers. Prompting someone to share your brand’s message requires subtle marketing that doesn’t come easily to everyone.


The other major element of Twitter is hashtags. These are searchable keywords that link users Tweeting about the same topic. They can unite into global trends with millions of voices joining the same conversation. Some hashtags have a long shelf-life, but most rise and fall quickly in popularity as a topic becomes newsworthy and then fades away. Other hashtags, such as #TBT (“Throwback Thursday”) trend at regular, predictable intervals.

Trending topics

To get the most out of Twitter, your account needs to be present and proactive. Not only when it comes to responding to tweets from followers or consumers—although that is crucial—but in following what’s happening in the Twittersphere at any given time. Even the biggest companies now tweet in real-time, which not only improves their visibility by being at the forefront of trending news, but humanizes the brand.

Add visual content

Twitter isn’t just about snappy one-liners. Research has shown that adding visual content such as photos, videos, or gifs to a tweet boosts the number of retweets by up to a third. Twitter has a built-in gif library so there’s no excuse not to give your tweets something extra.

Join the conversation

When you first join Twitter, getting involved can seem daunting. Start by harnessing hashtags to see what people are talking about, and don’t be afraid to offer advice or an opinion (bearing your overall brand image in mind, of course!). Brands such as Taco Bell frequently engage in online “feuds” for the entertainment of the masses. Such tactics not only provide interest at the time of the tweet, but are carefully orchestrated to bolster the brand’s image, as well as provide future free marketing from magazine sites that share the tweets in article form.


Twitter is a fast-paced platform that can seem daunting to engage with from the outside, but by harnessing the site’s own tools to follow trends and find similar accounts, you can quickly expand your business’s audience.

If you’re not sure how to start, pick a plan and let’s friendly experts help.

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