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September 2016

Boost Your Business with Social Media: Google+

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Google+google+ g+ plus logo (or Google Plus) is a comparatively small social network. Despite having more than 2.5 billion users on paper, there are probably only somewhere in the region of 35 million active users on the site. The discrepancy comes about because every Google email account is automatically given a Google+ profile. It’s estimated less than 10% of users have ever actually logged into it.

Compared with the active user numbers for Facebook and Twitter, Google+ might seem like a social wasteland, but it still provides valuable tools to business users looking to build their online brand. Read More

Boost Your Business with Social Media: Twitter

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twitter logo tweetWith 313 million active monthly users, Twitter is an enticing platform for a business of any size. Yet with interactions limited to 140 characters, understanding how the Twittersphere works is critical.

Twitter itself recently blogged on how its platform changed the face of marketing for major corporations like Coca-Cola and Disney. By following a few simple tricks and tips, you too could reinvigorate your branding and reach new consumers. Read More

Boost Your Business with Social Media: Facebook

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facebook fb logoWith 1.71 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a behemoth of social media. It’s a site well worth joining to expand your business presence. Simply creating a page, however, isn’t enough. Like any social platform, Facebook has rules, both written and implied, and understanding how users interact with businesses online is crucial to reaping success from a corporate social media presence.

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Editing Webpage HTML for Better SEO

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html edit website codingWith so many people online, most businesses have invested in a web presence. Usually they start with cheap, reliable web building options such as Wix and WordPress. A big advantage of these sites is WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”—pronounced “wizzy-wig”) webpage editing. Using pre-formatted templates and a simple editor, casual internet users can edit their HTML to produce a professional website. Read More