10 More WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using: Fall 2017 Edition


best wordpress plugins fall 2017

Here at TechTe.am we love WordPress. It’s the perfect content management system (CMS) for most small and intermediate sites. What makes WordPress so flexible is its plugins. From tightening your site’s security to improving its speed or creating beautiful, seamless design, there’s a WordPress plugin for everything. Here’s our pick of the 10 best WordPress plugins available now. Don’t forget to check out our earlier posts for best all-rounders and best anti-spam plugins!


If you want to know how your site is performing, Google Analytics is the best tool for the job. However that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to understand. MonsterInsights is the middleman you’ve been looking for. This handy plugin will add Analytics to your site without you having to mess around with code. It also displays your analytics data right in your WordPress dashboard, saving you the trouble of visiting multiple sites to see how one is doing.


Keep your site safe with a security plugin. Sucuri is a globally recognized WordPress security expert. Once installed, the plugin will monitor site activity, file integrity, malware, blacklisting, and more. While it isn’t a complete website security system, its active monitoring system takes a lot of the headache out of website ownership.

CSS Hero

Like your WordPress theme but wish the color options were broader? Or the fonts more flexible? Whatever style tweaks you’re after, CSS Hero could be the solution. Create a beautiful, responsive website that looks exactly how you want it to look, with no code or technical know-how required.

WP Smush

The best WordPress plugins run unobtrusively in the background to make your site better. WP Smush does exactly that. This handy tool optimizes all your images to eliminate bulky files and excess code. While that might not seem very exciting, the results will be—get a faster, slicker website in no time simply by optimizing your images.

Broken Link Checker

WordPress plugins don’t have to be complicated to save you time and improve your site. Broken Link Checker does exactly what it says: it monitors all the links on your site and tells you when any of them stop working. Handy if you change a slug or link to a story that gets moved. Broken links reduce your SEO performance, so fixing them is always a good idea. This useful little plugin will tell you whenever you have a problem so all you have to do is fix it.


Have you migrated from an old site? Changed the page conventions? Rearranged the directory? Chances are if your WordPress site has been around for a while, you’ve moved things about. When that happens even the best of us make mistakes with new links, leading to dreaded 404 errors. Too many negatively effect SEO, and any error can result in lost traffic. Redirection is another simple plugin that solves this critical problem. It will mange all your site’s 301 redirects, and flag 404s, saving you hours searching manually for errors.

Google XML Sitemaps

Search engines love sitemaps. Even if you only have a small website, an XML sitemap will make all the different to your SEO. Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that automatically generates a sitemap for you, and as a bonus it will inform all the major search engines every time you add new content.

WP Google Maps

Want to show customers where your business is located? With WP Google Maps you can create and add a customized Google map to your site. It has a range of cool (free!) add-ons as well, like creating markers on the maps, adding polygons, creating routes, and more.

Age Checker for WordPress

Want to keep underage visitors out? Plenty of businesses and interests can benefit from an age checker, from wine merchants to tattoo parlours and vape shops. While age verification popups aren’t foolproof they are a useful tool to install if your site isn’t child-friendly. CodeCanyon’s Age Checker for WordPress is an inexpensive and functional blocker that can be customized to suit your site’s style.

Slider WD

Make your site beautiful with responsive video and images from Slider WD. This plugin is as flexible as they come, working as a widget or within your theme to install responsive sliders anywhere on your site. Comes with unlimited slides, a selection of transition effects, and almost endless customization options.


When you’re building a site you’ll find there are WordPress plugins for everything. If you didn’t find what you wanted in this list, or you’re not sure how to go about installing, updating, or getting the best from your existing plugins, don’t panic! TechTe.am’s friendly experts are here to help. Just pick a plan and let us take care of everything for you.

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